Back Yard Chickens Again and Loving It. Granddaughter's Wish!!


May 11, 2022
Pansey, Alabama
Hello Everyone,

I've been a member here for a couple of months and just getting around to introducing myself. I live in S.E. Alabama 14 miles east of Dothan in the country. I got back into raising chickens for the 2nd time now. I was raised around the farm and my grandparents always had chickens. My first time raising laying hens was in 1999. In 2016 dogs got into my chicken yard and killed the last 10 hens I had. Well back in February my 7 year old granddaughter asked me if I could get her some chickens like I use to have when she was very little (2-3 years old). She remembers feeding those chickens and having fun watching them. Well, told her we sure can. But I would need to tear down the old chicken coop and fencing and start all over. Well I got 30 chicks (28 hens/2 roosters) in April and cleaned out my old brooder I've had for 22 years. The breeds I got are 6 White Leghorns, 8 Golden Comets, 12 ISA Browns, 2 Bared Rocks, 1 Road Island Red rooster and 1 Bared Rock rooster. Indecently one of the Leghorns turned into a rooster LOL. Got busy tearing down the old coop and built a new one 12"x 8" with a plywood floor and composite sheet siding outer walls and a Omlet coop door. New fence for the chicken yard 30'x 60'. Moved the girls to the new coop the first week of June. Bought a CoopWorx Feed Silo which I absolutely love. I have also started fermenting the feed for the chickens and they love it. The next item to get is the laying nest box for the girls. Hope they start laying mid August. I defiantly want a rollaway nest box. I've looked at building one my self but I am leaning towards buying a Hen Gear 48" or a Best Nest 48" rollaway. I think the metal nest box would be much easier to keep clean and free from parasites and mites which a wooden nest can easily harbor. I already have my walls framed out for a 48"x 18" nest so that I can collect the eggs from outside the coop. I like the Hen Gear's rear access panel design. I've also looked at Duncan's six hole rollaway nest but it isn't reversible but is an option. If anyone here has used a Hen Gear or Best Nest rollaway nest or prefer a home made rollaway nest instead, I would really appreciate feedback of your thoughts and opinions. I want to get it installed around the first week of August so the girls can get use to it being in the coop before they start to lay their eggs. BTY, I'm married (36 years), 61 years old, have 3 grown children and 2 grand children, love the outdoors, love to fish. Also love college football, Roll Tide!!! I've been employed for 35 long years working for Swedish Match Cigars as an electrical technician and programmer for automated machines and systems. We make the White Owl cigar brands.

Look forward to getting to know the community here at BackYard Chickens and helping out when I can.

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Hello Rodney, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
12' x 8' is tight for 30 birds.

Hello DobieLover,

I agree it is alittle tight. I was only intending to have 20-25 when I built it but in June I decided to get a couple roosters for the girls protection and also got a couple Barred Rock pullets too. I did make the roosting for 30 birds. They stay out in the yard the majority of the time during the day. Thanks for your welcome and comment too.

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