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Feb 11, 2011
We're starting a Backyard Chicken club in Mobile, Alabama next month. Any ideas about chicken clubs? We'd like to share common problems and solutions as well as other issues.
No am a new member but not sure where the others are located I would like to have one here too I am nc the support team really helped me last night have hens that all laid together in one nesting box at different times have six hens so two really awesome brooding hens sit on all the eggs but when chics hatched they left the rest best advice go buy a incubator and a heated brooder or have a heat lamp is all I had and a humidifier I use for kids this is the only time I hope will have to save chics because sold rooster and one hen so he wouldn't get lonely and settle better at new home two chics one yesterday one today I hatched and assisted our shells are very hard four died after pipping cause couldn't get on their own the rest of the way


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Meet willow the striped one and butters the yellow one little miracles I help bring into our lives now will have to take care of them myself

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