Backyard Cows???


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Sep 17, 2008
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Backyard Cows
??? do people really keep cows in their suburban backyards
? just curious. Thanks in advance.
well my cousin Dave lives next door and he has a heifer. We live in a small country town but our houses are about 300 ft away and he owns a little less than an acre of land.
He's going to breed her and after she calves he'll slaughter and then raise the baby for slaughter too.
I'll probably get a couple of steaks. He has chickens and turkeys bunny's and pigeons too.And next year we are doing meat chickens together.
I know some people do,but it has to be allowed by their town/city.
I live in the country but in the town near me ,you cant have livestock in town,but yet you can have horses.
You need to live somewhere that allows them. It takes 1.5 acres or so (depending on your weather) to feed a cow on pasture. You can have less pasture land but, will need to supplement their feed.

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I raised my cow in my backyard when I lived in town, but I didn't live there long, by the time she was weaned we'd moved, but she was still in my yard. She's now living w/ my mom's cow herd, but it took alot of effort to get her to except/bond w/ the other cows. She prefered the dogs (or humans) w/ the horses being a close second.

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