Bad Ebay seller -not as described! Free advise!


6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
LaPine, OR
I was polite and patient and was taken advantage of by this EBay seller. I have been purchasing eggs off EBay for years and this one got the best of me. I want others to know so they don't get taken by this dishonest person. I wont say her name here or seller ID but she is the only one that sells Julie Bachelor Black Orpingtons on EBay(that I have seen this year). You can message me and I will tell you who she is and you can defend her if you know her or protect yourself it's up to you. I paid a very pretty penny for these hatching eggs and they were not as described and not what I paid for.

First off they were crammed in a box and packaged poorly. I lost two right off as they were cracked. She contacted me a week later and asked what was marked on the eggs. She had written on the tops and I messaged her back and she said that my eggs were fine. When my chicks hatched I had an almost white chick and two black. I sent her another message about the chicks and sent her pictures. She said she would send me more eggs and I offered to pay for the shipping even though it was her mistake. She made excuse that her father was sick(this one was 2 months of excuses), then her hens were in the wrong pen, then the goat broke the fence, and then she said did you want chicks instead if you pay the shipping. She said her hens were all broody and cant send already set eggs. I said I would pay her extra for the chicks to and she said no just shipping and will send 5 chicks.

So I went with it now mind you I purchased hatching eggs in March. This is now July and she finally says they will be ready to ship on Monday. No shipment and no chicks and she stopped responding to my messages and drug this out long enough that I cant complain to EBay and get my money back since its now August.

I think I might have one pure bred cockerel and a very expensive one the other two are definitely mixed she said she had mottled Orpingtons also so I'm going to assume mixed with them or something else. One has gold eyes and the other had feathers in its feet and white feather specks in the chest and split gold colored eyes.
Not pure true black Julie Bachelor Orpingtons is what her description said.
She made many excuses to drag it out so no refund could be made.

My advise to others is DO NOT WAIT 30 days if they do not comply or refund your money within the 30 days put in a dispute with EBay. Then it will hold until they complete the transaction and your satisfied.

I have made a couple sellers refund my money for infertile eggs as stating fertile and they were not and one refunded my money and the other replaced the eggs and I paid for the shipping. They made accusations that I was trying to rip them off but I had taken photos of every egg and sent them to the sellers. They were not happy about it but I started a dispute and they were quick to respond and rectify the situation.

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