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    well heres my very first problem with my birds. i have a 2 year old roo leghorn, always been o.k.,,, yesterday he looked like he didnt feel good, stood around alot with his beak shoved in between his wattles, this morning, no "hollering" and he just stayed on his perch. so i brought him inside the house,, and his crest feels warm,, very warm,,like a fever??
    its been cold and damp , drizzling, sprinkling for 3 days now,,, could he just have a cold?, and what should i give for it?.
    Thanks all you [​IMG]
    i know alot of ya are way smarter on bird thingy's then i am,,haha [​IMG]

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    There's this stuff called vetrx, its not cheap, you can rub under their wings and stuff. I wonder if a dab of vicks would work. I hope he feels better soon. I'm gonna run out to the barn and grab the vetrx so I can tell you whats in it.


    Ok it says....

    100% natural
    3.3% (v-) alcohol, Cananda Balsam, Camphor, Oil Origanum, Oil Rosemary, blended in a Corn Oil base.

    You can use exteranlly and internally.
    For the temperary relief from respitory infection, colds, wheezing and sniffles, Effective against mites, and ear canker.

    But, its a 2oz bottle for about $9, but now you see the ingredients. You can put drops under their wings, I have grammie eyes so it is hard for me to read the directions in the low light.
    Hope this gives you an idea though!
    Good luck
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    Thanks ibpboo ,, is just want i was thinking about, but had no idea they actually made anything like that hehe [​IMG]
    the wifers will be looking for it this morning
    again THANKS [​IMG]
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    If he's not drinking very much... remember to keep him hydrated even if you have to force it down him. A state of dehydration will cause an automatic body temp rise and end up drying him up even more. Gatorade is good too.
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    thanks,, i've forced my gaterade down him 6 or 7 times so far.
    he's been inside sleeping in my lap for hours. i went and got the vetrx, and the "fowl dude" hehe,, at the feed store gave me some "Pen-Aqueous" for fast acting. when my wife told him that the big leghorn that HATES her wants her to pick him up,, the guy was like "ohhhh ,, you better use this stuff" so i "pricked" him ( sad a big ole tough dude that can kill ANY of his birds and eat em,,,,,is so darn WORRIED bout a stupid roo [​IMG] )
    Thanks for all the help everyone,,, but i aint never seen him sick, and he just seems SO sick so FAST,,,man im gonna hate to have to train another roo to keep the wifers outta the yard hehe [​IMG][​IMG]
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    he might be getting a little better,, he felt good nuff to come out of his crate and watch t.v. ,,,,,,,,,, i think he's faking just for the attention,,haha [​IMG]
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    my wife just asked if it was wrong to give him "chicken noodle soup" [​IMG]

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