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Jul 25, 2010
Natchez, Ms. 39120
I have a RIR hen (6 mos. old)with a sore foot!

The back toe looks like it might be broken.

i haven't caught her yet as she is still eatting, drinking and putting a little wieght on the foot!

I don't know what to do!

Should I catch her and put some kind of medicine on it or give her some kind of medicine.

Thanks for any advice!


My Roost are to the cieling , so the highest is about 7'. The cross bars are about 6' feet wide, 1-1/2 round dia.

There are four cross bars goin up at about 2' steps. They roost on all of them. They actually hop up them instead of flying up to the top one and do the same coming off the roost.

The hen is doing a lot better putting wieght on it and walking today.

Thanks for the reply!

My Best,

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