bad hatching month?

me! Boo hoo
My last hatches were horrible - I have some due this next weekend, I an hoping for a better rate.

last few hatches I had...

60/80 jumbo quail eggs hatched (good hatch)
30/120 jumbo quail eggs hatched (the "what the heck happened here?" hatch)

I now have about 15 chicken eggs going - I am hoping for better ratio on these than last time.

I also have some eggs from ShelleyD in an incubator (her eggs that I am hatching for her - silly girl ran out of incubator space) I am hoping they'll do well, also.

Oh, the Jumbo Quail Eggs were from Shelley, also - did fantastic the first time, not sure what happened on the second batch, they were just as fresh, I picked them up at her house myself, so all I can figure was wonky humidity or temps or something (weird weather this year

eta - pardon the mis-count (see subsequent post) but I had 16 good eggs not 15.
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none I have found or looked up, just my own experience so far.

I began hatching this year in January - had still air, no turners, hatch rates were so-so. I probably had 50% - 60% hatch rates, which still isn't too bad.

added fans and turners to all incubators - hatch rates steadily climbed til about June when I was having 85% and higher hatch rates (yay!) I actually had a 98% hatch rate on one batch.

starting in late August hatch rates began to dump... maybe I got complacent or maybe it was the weather (turned really rainy for awhile, then hot and dry - kept swinging weirdly.)

The first batch of quail (eta - started these in late July / early August, I think) hatched out pretty well, IMO - but the second one, just three weeks later, was pitiful.

I am using this chicken hatch as a test of sorts, not only on who is fertile but as to what my hatch rates are goign to be this time around.
We did start the woodstove burning some this week, but it is beautiful out today, so I have the front door open. Temps are holding steady - humidity keeps going up and down, but not so badly that I think it'll cause a problem until Lockdown - then I want to make sure the humidity is good.

Hatch is due saturday - then have one due on wednesday, then Shelleys will be the last due.

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smack me in the head, but...

I forgot the actual date my eggs was three days previous to when I was telling myself I set the eggs...

first chick hatched in the turner - had four other pips... hurried to move them all to a hatcher (cold hatcher, had to warm up while they were in there) and bring in a brooder bin to house them in.

I had 20 eggs - 4 of which I was sure were dead, but I had left them anyway to keep the temp/humidity levels more even.

out of the 16 good eggs, 15 live hatched and one got shrink wrapped after pip
but overall a good hatch (If I hadn't have screwed up, it would have been all 16 good eggs hatched).

I have 5 bantam eggs due saturday (when I thought all the eggs were due
) and one looks like it might have quit, but I'm leaving it there - hoping for four bantam barred rock babies in a day or so.

so... hopefully the "bad hatch month" is passing away.

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