Bad Mother... Poor Chick


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Oct 20, 2011
Southern California
So my Buff Black Tail hatched out some chicks yesterday and I woke up today and saw a little black chick at the corner in the feed dish; bleeding with his backed peeled off. I believe it was the mother who did this or the chicks did it to him. But I'm 99.9% positive it was the mother. Now I have a chick that has his skin peeling off. What do I do to keep him alive? I put a pic of him or she below.

Baby Serama Chicks
Can't wait to see what they will look like as Adults.

This was how I found this chick. He has feed on him as he was hiding in the feed dish. What do I do???
Aw it's so cute!

I would put peroxide on its back and then some antibiotic cream like polysporin. I think if it were me I would take all the chicks away from the mother, grab a heat lamp and set up the brooder. Poor little guy.
If you have blue kote, I would spray him with that. It will help hide the booboo from his friends. When using peroxide, dilute 50 -50 with water. It is very hard on their little skin. I agree with taking the chicks...or, at least give him a couple buddies....
I just re-read your post....if you have some sav a chick, give him that. It will help him feel better :)
I removed the Mother and cleaned his wound w/ peroxide & water diluted. He seems to be doing better, but the hen is squaking and going crazy trying to jump out of the holding pen. She is constantly doing this, will she stop soon. I feel really bad for her not raising her chicks? should i put some of the chicks with her? Or is it too risky?
Pfft, if she is going to attack them then she doesn't deserve to have them around. Keep the little guys safe
Ignore the mean mommy, you don't want to lose the babies. Put her with the other older birds and leave the chicks from her sight and she should forget. If she seems really upset, put the chicks in with her and then watch her very carefully. I hope this helps.
My mama hen attacked one of her chicks two months ago. I removed the hen from the brooder. The other chicks and the mama cried for two days straight. Finally I moved the brooder so she could lay next to it. Once the mom was right next to the brooder they all calmed down. She stayed there for 3 weeks and they would all touch beaks threw the wire. Except for the injured chick, she never stopped trying to kill it. It was the only black chick and I've wondered if she thought it didn't look like the others so must not have been hers. (none were really hers.... she hatched golf balls
) Poor thing wanted her to be it's mom so bad.

Good luck with your injured baby
Sometimes, animals sense that something is wrong with one of the babies and will try and kill it and only it....maybe she would raise all the others just fine. I think I would give the little guy a friend and give the mom back her babies. But, watch closely to make sure that she doesn't go after any of the others...

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