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Okay so here is the story....

we have an EE roo who is a little over a year old. His name is Deville and he is my DD's boy. We have 28 girls of various breeds and one is especially loud...Ruby, our red cochin hen.

So, Ruby is a screamer...she screams just to scream at you. She screams to be picked up, she screams being picked up, she screams being held and she screams being put down, so you get the picture.

A few months ago, DD picks Ruby up who of course screams bloody murder. Deville charges DD. Well it startled DD that her baby was charging her, she screamed and ran. Well that did it. Mr. Deville got the idea he could chase her and flap his wings on her legs (never used his feet at all) whenever she went into the run. So, she tried various methods to stop the behavior.

she tried grabbing him and carrying him around like a baby to humiliate him in front of his women. She tried pancaking him flat to the ground and holding him there in front of his women. His behavior got a bit better in that he stopped openinly charging her and he would wait for her to turn her back and try the sneak attack. Deville did this to no one else, only DD. So, here is what when happened when she broke him of it.

She goes into the run and is playing with the girls and Deville charged her when she went to leave. She came to the house carrying the large metal feeder pan we use for water in their run, she puts a big squeeze of my dishwashing liquid in it and turns to go to the run. She grabs the hose, squirts the water in there and gets it all bubbly and waits. I have this wonderful hand conditioning lavender scented dishwashing liquid which is now a huge bubble bath in the chicken run.

She turns to walk into the coop and Deville charges her. I heard her yell "Oh no you don't", she grabs him and chucks him into the bubbles. She proceeds to give him a bubble bath. I meanwhile am about to wet myself laughing and watching this fiasco. The rooster is having a fit trying to get away, she is giving him a bubble bath and the girls are all walking in circles around the scene and I swear my ducks were laughing! So, the scene continues with this bath, the entire time my DD is talking to her misbehaving rooster...

"You will behave yourself or I will make the girls ashamed to have you around buddy"

rooster: raaaaaaaaaaawwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkk

"Shut it! You will behave yourself and stop this nonsense"

rooster: *splash splash* raaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwkkkkk

"I said SHUT IT"

Then she began hosing him down to rinse him off! Meanwhile...I have nearly completely lost my mind laughing and watching this.

she let's him go, wet, in shock and the girls were all backing away from him as my DD rinsed out the little bubble bath and turned to leave. Mr. Deville turned away from her...not even thinking about charging her.

It has been a couple of weeks and no further attacks have occurred. She tells him constantly "You so much as think about it and it will be another girly bubble bath for you and next time you get the blow dry treatment!"

So, keep this tactic in mind if you have rowdy roo...a girly bubble bath could cure yours too.


I am sorry I was laughing too hard to go get the camera and even begin to try to hold it steady for pictures of this bath. LOL
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Well I just hope he listens to her...she is liable to go as far as to put perm rods in his feathers, pink nail polish on his toes and lipstick on him if he does not behave himself.

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