Bad Smell and Sick Acting Chicken!

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5 Years
Jun 24, 2014
I have a chicken that is acting kinda sick and I believe she has some sort of infection around the bottom of her vent. I had one chicken die of this last year and can not figure out what is causing this. She is not that bad off yet and really hope I can save her. Her skin kinda looks a little irritated and redish but not to bad. Magots have not set in as they once had with my other chicken. What would be the best action to take to knock this thing out before it gets really bad and hopefully save my old girl. I have some penicillin but don't remember how much to give and where to give it. I am going to stop tomorrow and grab some blue coat to also put on there. If there is something better I can do please feel free to tell me. Thanks.
Does she have diarrhea, and are there feathers missing around the vent? Is there red skin with white or yellow sores that might mean vent fleet? It's important to keep any poop cleaned off around the vent, and excess feathers trimmed to prevent maggots and fly strike. Make sure they have clean water, and putting a half ounce of ACV into each gallon of water along with giving a probiotic or a small amount of buttermilk, may help treat vent gleet. Pictures always help us help you. What kind of feed are they getting?

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