Bald Neck on Welsummer a.k.a. NikNak


Mar 26, 2020
Westminster, MD
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My Coop
Hello all,

I’m wondering if anyone can help me out. For the last three weeks, we’ve been dealing with our now, 6 week old Chick, having a bald neck. She scratches it incessantly. I believe it started off from being pecked by an older chick that we were trying to integrate them with, but now she scratches at it constantly. She is no longer around that particular chick. Also, she is with another Welsummer and two Prairie Bluebell Eggers all the same age and raised together since day 1. We tried every remedy for this poor thing within the last three weeks. Put on Hen Healer, Neosporin, Poultry Protector, wrapped her neck with Vetwrap, and cleaned out their brooder and sprinkled a little DE in the brooder below the new shavings. Nothing has worked. We took her to the vet and the doctor said she’s getting pecked. However, we watched the four chicks for about an hour and no one pecked her. There is no sign of lice or mites. The vet checked and we check her daily. The vet did give us an antibiotic to try and help, but so far, she’s still scratching. Anyone have any ideas on what else could be causing this?


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