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    My Olive Egger has a bald spot on her head, with an area completely picked clean in the middle of the back of her neck/bottom of her head, then the feathers all raggedy and sparse on the rest of her head and neck. She is also lacking feathers on her throat, where her EE beard was, and her muffs are gone as well.

    I don't think she is being picked on, because I never see the other 2 pecking at her, and there has been no blood. In another case, my 4th hen is now in the basement, healing, because they had picked her head bloody and tore out flesh. So there is a high probability it could be cannibalism, but no blood?

    I have been looking for mites and lice but I can never see any, and besides, if she had them, the other chickens would have them as well.

    She is eating, drinking normally, but her poop is a bit watery and foamy.

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    I think 1 or 2 of the non-affected hens are picking feathers. This can become a habit, so you need to make sure they have at least 16% protein feed with very limited treats. Using 20% feed plus oyster shell or giving them some 24% game bird feed as a treat for a couple of weeks might be good. Make sure they have adequate room--at least 4 square feet per hen in the coop and triple that in a run. More is better. And provide them with things to explore, climb on, and play with--or free range.

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