Bald Spot


Jul 7, 2020
So today when I was letting my hens into the run I noticed blood on one of the walls of my coop. Sure enough, I found one of my hens comb bleeding. I rinsed it with warm water, put corn starch on it to help stop, and isolated her in a dog crate for a few hours. While doing that I noticed it looked like she had a bald spot right behind her comb. I got anti pick lotion and a wound wash spray that I’ve put on it. I let her go back out with the rest of the flock. One of my larger hens seems to be picking on anyone going into the nesting box she likes to use, and I think that’s what started it. What else should I do? The anti pick lotion seems to disguise the bald spot for now.
Sounds like you're doing the right things. As long as no one notices the bald spot, she's probably okay. Sometimes, the pecking order seems really cruel. I am relieved that my girls only resort to standing at the edge of the boxes and SCREAMING at each other when one of the identical boxes is deemed more desirable.

Hope your little one continues to be okay.

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