Bald spots, smaller chicken, but larger comb

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    Jun 24, 2014
    Hello everyone again, I thank you for your help and advise in advance.

    I have a baby chick, from an order of 100 Red Sex Links and 50 Americanas, that is missing most of its feathers, and they never seemed to grow in. I received the chicks as 2 day old pullets, and they have all been together since then. They have more than enough space, food, light, water. This is my 10th or 11th batch of chicks and this is the first time I ever saw this problem. I have checked for external parasites, mites, bugs, or problems of any kind. The only issues/ differences I can see are; the obvious bald spots, the chicken is a little smaller than the rest of the RSL, the chick has squinty eyes, and the comb is also a little bit taller-thicker and redder than the others. They were vaccinated at hatching by the hatchery. I am 99% sure it is not a pecking issue. If I can get the pictures off of my phone I will post some. Thanks again everyone
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    I guess pictures would be good.

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