bald spots

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8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Burlington, WA
Is there a particular reason why one of my chickens would have a bald spot on her neck?

I am still fairly new to this chicken raising thing, so I tend to have a lot of questions. This is my latest question...
Its the roosters..If you have to many roosters they will feel like they have to be getting on the girls all the time..And eventually your hens will endup having featherless backs, heads, and necks.
No roosters here, although I do have one that looks like it could go either way; we call her Pat (from Saturday Night Live). I have been watching them for a few days also to see maybe why it is happening and she does not seem to be getting picked on either, I think maybe because she is the biggest one.

I will continue to keep an eye on her and watch for anything unusual but it anyone has any ideas I would love any input.

Thanks everyone!!


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