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Jul 30, 2012
I just adopted 2 wynadotte hens which i was told are both laying and are about 6 months old. Okay the problem is that one of the hens has a bald strip across her back which I was told was the result of an overly aggressive rooster which I can understand, the other issue is that the whole area around her bottom up to her tail feathers is also bald. This area is also red my question is should i put some thing on it to prevent pecking from other birds like Blu-Kote. I have the new hens isolated until i get them cleaned up. My second question is can I give them a bath they are filthy the came from a run that was a hard dirt floor and have poop stuck to their feather. I want them to be clean and debugged before i introduce them to my flock. Thanks for any suggestions
I would get her a hen saddle to assist in the healing process.
Yes you can give them a bath they won't dissolve in the water. Its good to treat them for parasites before they can give them to the rest of your flock. Consider keeping them separate for a while, in quarantine, to see if they are carrying and diseases. If you keep them separate it will also allow the feathers to grow back, that is if they themselves aren't feather pickers.
Thanks I got a chuckle from your post about them dissolving What i was concerned about was the type of soap getting a chill ,and that maybe they might just hate the water like a cat and peck and scratch so i guessi'll give it a shot tomorrow.
Bath went very smoothly didn't see any bugs but they look a lot prettier now even with bald spots One loved the water the other one kept trying to fly out of the tub. when i finished she was shivering so I used the blow dryer to fluff her up She didn't mind that at all As I was sitting on the bathroom floor drying her, I thought thank God no one could see me now they would certainly say I had gone over the deep end. LOL
UPDATE bald bird is doing well feathers on her back are filling in nicely but feathers on her bald butt are slow in coming back. Today I noticed the skin is red and warm but no swelling and no wounds . My question is do you think i should put anything on it ?? Or is her butt warm from sitting on it? Thanks
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