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    I'm in panic mode. This is my first time with chickens and these babies are very important to us. Today I let them out to run about and scratch around as I do twice a day and I noticed that my barred rock is bald on her back side just below the vent area. I read about what it could be and after close examination I see that she doesn't have any type of mite or lice I could see at all, and the area of baldness isn't irritated to speak of. I've seen my Rhode Island Red pull feathers from her before and I'm almost 100% certain that it's her that is the cause. Should I get rid of her? What are my options and why is it just Baldy that she does it to? I also want to add that Baldy is super special because she was one that all the other chicks picked on and she was and is smaller than my others. We named her Baldy because someone pulled out her tail feathers when she was a chick and even though they grew back, she doesn't have tail feathers that stick up..she looks like a rumpless chicken. She's my favorite :( Any suggestions would be nice.

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    Baldy may always have this problem since she is low in the pecking order. The reasons chickens pull each others' feathers out are too little room in the coop and run, too little protein in the diet, or boredom. Chickens have to have 16 % protein minimum, and I prefer 20 %. Some people feed a lot of scratch or treats, and that is not enough protein. Chicken vitamins in the water a couple of times a week are also helpful in case of deficiency. If you can let them free range, they will usually have plenty to do. Mites and lice are a problem with many, so picking up a few chickens once a week and looking closely for critters is always good.
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    There are also sprays that one can buy to put on feathers to deter feather-pecking.
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