Balfour system

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Does anyone else use this system for their hens. I have started using it this year. I am finding it brilliant and my small flock of young RIRs seem to like it as well. I have two runs one is roughly 10m by 4m and the other is about 8m by 8m as well as a small scratching run of about 4 m by 2m. Currently the scratching run is mostly made up of lawn cuttings, autumn leaves, their dirty bedding and weeds from the garden. I through whole wheat around the scratching run just to encourage scratching a bit more and I turn all the vegetation over every week with a sprong. My plan is to empty out the scratching run in late spring and use it as compost.

    does anyone else use this system, I have used others but this is my favourite so far. please share your experiences.

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    I do have two pens for my large fowl and can close them out of either side. It is very nice to be able to do it, but right now they are using both sides.

    Sometimes the ground needs a rest!
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    Had to look up 'Balfour Method'.
    It makes good sense. especially for vegetable gardens, rotating every other year with 2 pens.

    I have a run and don't really garden (won't work for garlic beds, which is all I grow for now), but I plan on using rotating electronetted pastures off my main run eventually. Main run will be the full time 'chicken yard', pastures will rotate off a gate in the yard.

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