Band caused sore on leg


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Jul 26, 2019
We had banded some of our Delawares to divide the up between the kids. After coming home from vacation we noticed our Delaware limping. The grow with them band grew into it's leg! We removed it right away as well as all the other bands from all of our Delawares. Now there is this strange sore on the leg where the band was removed. I washed it and cleaned it up and put Neosporin on it. The foot is also warm to touch like it's got fever in it. But the comb and waddle is still bright red. It eats fine and runs and keeps up with others. It just limps and stands on one leg and has this unsightly growth.
I also put Vaseline on the rest of it's leg and put it in our large dogs kennel crate to keep the others away from it. I keep saying it because we are not sure but we think its a rooster. It was supposed to be all hens but a few roos slipped in.
I would soak the feet in warm Epsom salts water or use Betadine or Hibiclens in the water, and after soaking for 15 minutes, try rubbing some of the scab off. Do that once a day. Then dry and apply plain Triple Antibiotic Ointment twice daily. Does the circulation seem impaired? That is the usual danger when leg bands get too tight. You are fortunate to have found it in time. I dislike leg bands, and won’t use them anymore because of this potential problem.

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