Bandages and Iodine. Am I missing anything.


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
Just looking for feedback.

Got a hen who I found with a large scab on the top her foot last week.

Read around and decided to go with the following treatment:

1. Isolate her in the coop
2. Daily soaks in Epsom Salts, massaging until the scab comes off
3. Apply Iodine & Change bandage daily.

Initially it worked pretty good. But I may have massaged off the big part of the scab too soon. Still a little bit of open wound.

I'm still keeping her isolated in the coop, and applying iodine with her daily bandage change.

She has not laid any eggs since I've put her in her cage. She is eating and drinking. I add fresh pine shavings to her cage daily.
Sure. Here it is from this morning. Under the foot is fine, no swelling.
Sure. Here it is from this morning. Under the foot is fine, no swelling.
Thanks for the pic. I enlarged it and now I'm stumped. In a way it looks like bumblefoot that got caught real early maybe, then again it could be that she got a splinter or something in there that caused the problem. Chickens...go figure...they drive us nuts at times!! I would just keep doing what you're doing and keep a close eye on of luck to you, keep us updated!
I think I'm gonna just let her out tomorrow. I'm out of bandage wrap and her cut is really tiny now.
Update: looks like the week I spent soaking it in Epsom Salts, then changing the bandage every day, worked.

No issues how that she's been out for about a week.

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