Banshee scared of ME?

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    Banshee turns out to be red sex link.

    She is two years old,and just started laying about 4 or 5 days ago.But,her unusual behavior is making me sad and wanderest.She is ignoring me,she is running everytime I walk into the coop,she is acting frighten of me.She used to not mind me picking her up,or walking in the coop.Now everything is changing!I lost a Pet!She generally (ever so often),will peep at the ground and show me food,now,she hasn't done it in forever.When she is in the house she is the sweetiest hen.She peeps when every time I go to her cage.

    She is also acting very lure when I go in the coop.I am leaving today,so......Anyways I could bring this Strong bond back together,or is she gone forever?
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