bantam americauna


Nov 1, 2015
New hampahire
Hi I just bought these for my broody RIR. I was told they are bantam americaunas. i was just wondering if anyone could confirm this for me or if they may be something else. They are so adorable and my rir just loves them. she doesn't care that they are different from her, lol. I.m so proud of her she's doing a great job for a first time mama. The green on their head is from the feed store that sold them to me

They may be bantam Easter eggers, or they may be another breed. It's hard to say at this point. They all look to have clean faces, which isn't usually seen on Easter eggers.

It will be easier to ID them once they're feathered.

Enjoy watching your hen raise them! Broody hens and chicks are the most fun part of raising chicken IMO.
She is so happy. I hear her talking to them and when the other hens come too close she makes them come to her and they all disappear under her wings. I only have 3 of them but she's just glad to be a momma
I doubt a feed store would have true Ameraucanas let alone bantam Ameraucanas.....
......but curious to see what they grow out to be, hope you update here.

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