Bantam and Standard mixed


12 Years
Jul 20, 2007
Hi, my name is Mikeeeeeeeeeee and I have a problem.
I dont think a 12 step program will help.

I love bantams. I have 5 in a 4x8' tractor pictured here.


The problem is the wife wants some large brown eggs.
I can get some birds at the auction. No problem.

What I need to know is:
1. Can I mix them in with my bantams?
2. What kind would be best?

Marans lay dark brown eggs. I used to have them in with my banties but had to get rid of the roo because he was wayyyy tooo big for bantam hens. Surprise your wife and get some ameraucanas, araucanas, or easter eggers they lay green, blue eggs

ETA 12 step program didn't work for me either lol
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okay doke, you CAN mix them but they wont always get along.....i have bantie silkies with big ones and theyre fine but idk i think its like a 50 50chance thell get along

for the best of brown eggs that i have, i think ab Austrolorp lays some preeeetty big brown eggs
3 sq foot for reg hens and 2 sq foot per bantam. Now when you say 4x8 coop is the the house itself not counting the run? Or is that counting the run area too. In a 4x8 coop you could fit 10 standard hens or 16 banty hens. If you already have 5 in there then I would maybe add no more the 5-6 reg sized hens.

And welsummers give us super brown eggs...and are easier and cheaper to get ahold of than marans. And they seem very friendly too. My welsummers pretty much ignore the other hens. Another good very docile and beautiful breed are cochins (my personal favorite) My cochins are the only ones I will trust with my banty's all the others jump right on the poor things and start pecking at them
No matter how long I keep them in an open cage so they can all see each other they just NEVER were able to be put together. I can let my bantam cochins free range with my giant cochins and they never harm them
Oh in that case I don't think I would add any large hens in there. And if you do I would for sure not add more then one. Or you could add one more bantam easily enough. Otherwise you may find your girls getting crowded and start to peck at each other.

Maybe get one nice welsummer hen so that way you can get prob an average of 5 eggs a week which is what I'm still getting and my hen is 2 yrs old. They are nice brown and the welsummers are pretty nice birds. A cochin will prob give you 4 eggs a week, but their cuteness makes up for their lack of laying
IMO anyhow. They are not as good of a layer as the welsummers are.

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