Bantam Araucana rooster?


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Sep 8, 2020
Does anyone have a guess as to the breed of this bantam rooster? We inherited him from a friend who said he was an Araucana bantam, but I don’t see any tufting around his face which I thought they needed to have. He does have grey legs like our full sized Ameraucana rooster. Let me know if the little guy looks like any breed in particular. Thanks!


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He looks too large for a bantam, although that might be the pictures.

I don't think he is an Araucana. Maybe an Asil cross or some other game bird cross.

Thank you! Yes, the picture is deceptive. He’s really pretty tiny. I was looking for a picture of him with the other full size chickens but couldn't find one He’s always trying to mate with our ISA browns but he’s too tiny🙈

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