Bantam Assortment! 20+ eggs!!


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Dec 25, 2009
Lancaster SC
(My camera has a dead battery!! I am going to try to replace the batteries tomorrow!!)

I have several chickens laying and I am running out of room really fast in my incubators! So I am offering up some of there eggs for auction!
I hatched out the first batch and fertility was 98%!!
This auction will be an assortment of whatever eggs I get this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then shipped out Monday. There will be at least 20 eggs. (I got 15 today so you may get much much more!) I will ship priority mail and package the eggs carefully. Each egg will be marked so you know what it is.
Payment will need to be made using Paypal unless other arrangements are made for a pre-order!!!

Here is what I have!!

1)White Frizzle Cochin Bantam Rooster, with 3 typey Black Cochin Bantam Hens and 1 Lightly Mottled typey Cochin Bantam Hen

2)SQ Buff Brahma Bantams (1 roo / 4 hens)

3)White Frizzle Showgirl Rooster with 5 White silkie Hens

4)Lavender Cochin Bantams (1 roo / 3 hens)

5)PQ Buff Silkies (1 roo / 4 hens)

6)SQ Mottled Cochin Bantams (Pair)

7)SQ Mottled Cochin Hen w/ Red Cochin Bantam roo. (Mille project eggs) (Pair)

8)Mille Fleurs (1 roo / 2 hens)

9)SQ White Cochin Bantams (Pair)

10) Showgirl/Silkie pen consists of....
1 Partridge lightly frizzled roo
1 Buff Showgirl hen
1 White Showgirl hen
1 White Silkie Hen
4 Black Silkie hens

Please pm/email me with any questions!
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i would really like to see the showgirl with the silks
How do you think these would ship to Edisto Island (near Chas), SC? I hav never hatched eggs before but would like to give it a try if you think they will make it okay. Thank you!
This is tempting. I would like to see some pics though. Are all your cochins pure? Cause I didn't quite get what you meant by "typey". I do know that I need some more cochins though!
My cochins are pure. What I mean by typey is they have really poofy bottoms and they are real fluffy! I am working on the pictures! My stupid camera is giving me a fit!
They should make it fine. Always depends on your postal service. I package the eggs really well so that handles my part. The rest is up to the mail man!

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