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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
I picked up some assorted Bantams at our local TSC. I'm new to raising chickens and would like to know what these are. I also got Buff Orpington chicks from a breeder and some New Hampshire pullets. Out of 15 chicks, I ended up with at least 4 roosters. Some will have to go.
Can anyone tell me what this silver Bantam is? It looks like a Dominique but has gold in it's feathers. And can you tell if it is a hen or rooster?
The black one is a rooster. He's already trying to crow.... But I don't know what he is either.
Hatching dates on both are Feb. 23rd.
Thank you!

I think you're right about the genders. Wondering what breed they are. Someone told me the black one is just called a Black Bantam and that the darker legs are more desired. They said the silver might be a Seabright, but the pics I've seen of Seabrights don't look anything like her.
Silver is a cuckoo and the gold in feathers is proof he's a mixed color or a mixed breed. He will end up looking somewhat like Crele in color. If you cross a cuckoo or barred bird with a colored bird, the end result is very much like him, start out cuckoo but evenutally get some red/gold/brown coloring as they mature.

There is no such thing as black bantam. If it came from same place as the other one, would simply consider it a mixed breed/color.

Right now they are too generic looking, with not much to indicate any breed.. perhaps when older they will resemble something. Right now there's not much breed choices with them being white skinned, bantam, clean legged and short tailed...
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Thank you for the info. I'm sure you are right. I found photos online of chickens that look like the silver & gold. They are called Legbar Bantams. But it is probably just a fluke. An FFA student told me I had a Black Bantam. I assumed he knew what he was talking about. He said he judges chickens... He is more than likely a mix. But I'm hoping he looks like the Dutch Black Bantam when he matures. Either way, I love them and think they are cute
Thanks again!


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