Bantam Blue Andalusians!

Lund Poultry

9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Brooklyn, WI
We will have around 20 Bantam Blue Andalusian chicks hatch on November 27th, and will ship on December 4th. We like to ship around 10 chicks, but can mix and match our other breeds!

Bantam Andalusians are extremely RARE! They are beautiful birds and will come in Blue, Black, and Splash varieties. They are great layers, just like their large fowl counterpart.

We are having nearly 100% fertility, so will also have hatching eggs available for $25 per dozen.

Check out our website,, to view our other breeds. We can mix and match orders!

Please e-mail at [email protected] if you are interested in any of these chicks!


Payment is $7.00 each chick + $10.00 shipping box + $60.00 upfront shipping, with any overage sent back to you. Money orders only.

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