Bantam Brahma Hens; Show quality; 1 Light and 1 Buff ~Colorado~

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    Hello Everyone! We are trying to downsize a bit so everyone can fit in one coop and we decided that these two beauties would have to be the ones to find a new home. I bought them at a show last year from their breeder; he was showing roughly ten of his birds and was kind enough to let me buy these ladies after the festivities were over. They were roughly eight months old then which puts them at just over a year now. The light Brahma we call Snowy, the buff is Summer. These two are very sweet and cute as little buttons! I was planning on learning how to show with them but my son takes up too much time for that now. I am willing to drive as far north as Castle Rock to drop them off or as far south as Pueblo if needed.

    Post if you have any questions!


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