Bantam Breeder?

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  1. eggxelent

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Okay, I know that I am asking this at the wrong time of year but I need a good show quality chicken and can't wait till Spring! For various reasons.
    Know of any good Welsummer breeders near Northern NV that sell sexed Welsummer chicks? Or that ship in LOW QUANTITIES? I need the chicks pretty soon.
    Please respond! I need HELP! (not to be taken the wrong way although I also need it like that haha)
    (If there is already a thread like this sorry, just direct me to that one)

    Okay, I keep changing my mind as to what breed I want, so now do you know where there are any d'uccle breeders?
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    Sorry, there isn't any NV breeders in your area but we certainly have a few in CA and OR and WA. Maybe a day trip would be a good idea if you only want a few.

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