Bantam chick, Doesnt like to move, Dont know what to do or whats wrong


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Mar 9, 2011
Just got my first batch of chicks from Tractor Supply, 13 Pullets 4 Bantams ( the girlfriend wanted the "babys") They all seem to be doing fine but the one Bantam, it just lays there, if you move it, it will unsteadily walk to whereever it wants to be then lays back down. It seems like its breathing is rather violent. Its whole body seem sto move with it. I will take a video and put on youtube if anyone would like to see what I mean, any advice would be appritiated. We probably shouldnt of got this one, the lady at the store said he was getting trampled and she was worried he was gonna be killed. He was by far the "runt" so naturally my girlfriend HAD to rescue him. ( We werent even going to get any bantams, but since she insisted on him we had to get him "friends")

Oh and they are in a tank, with a red heat lamp water food, pine bedding. The tank is a little small but im in the process of building them a bigger inclosure should be done tomarrow.

Youtube Links
Video 1 (laying down, Tried to get to move but wouldnt)

Video 2 (randomly decided to run across the tank)

Video 3
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Yes it has drank water, I havent seen it eat yet though. All the other chicks are going crazy eating like mad, but havent seen him eat yet.
Uploaded the Youtube videos. the 2nd video of him taking off and runnings, thats the first time hes did that, So maybe hes getting better.
Try to see if it will eat some plain scrambled eggs. That saved my 3 day old Silkies last spring when they weren't eating or drinking. They couldnt figure out how to get themselves to the food and water and were quickly dying. They got enough nutrition and energy and after a couple of days of a scrambled egg diet, they began moving about and eating their food on their own.
Check your temps in the brooder to be safe. 1st week 90-95 right under the light with the ability to get away from the heat and decrease by 5 degrees each week until fully feathered around 6 weeks- wean carefully in wintertime to outside coop temps.

It is very easy to overheat chicks and they can die rather easily from it.

If your temps are ok, would you please mention it so folks can rule that out and think of another reason...there are other things that happens to chicks sometimes.
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Yes it breaths really hard at times. other times it seems to breath fine.

and the temp is ok, one side is also cooler and out of the light, he seems to either lay under the heat or slightly outside of it, doesnt leave the heat too far. all the others are all over the tank though.

Just to make sure, Eggs scrambled, yoke left in? is it ok to lightly oil the pan with veggy oil to scramble?

Oh its also seems to be chirping normally, if that matters

I think hes acting better as time goes by, unless im just convincing myself of it. Do chicks act funny in stressful situations? TSC lady said she picked them up from the post office at 7am today, I baught them at 8. Its now 5. So its bene through alot today.
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Well, I hate to say it but the little guy died. Now I feel nonsense like I didnt do enough

Im not sure what happened, I left the tank, to check my post on here. Went back and he was dead.

Thanks for trying guys.
I am so sorry for your loss. I really believe since he/she went so fast that there is nothing you could have done.

The oldest chick that I have seen die for no reason is 3 weeks old. The shipping stress/trampling could have been too much for him/her.

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