Bantam chick help needed...

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    May 20, 2008
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    I can't get a pic at the moment because my cameras batteries died, but I have this one for comparison.


    This is the little chick I hatched in my incubator on Friday, from a standard size medium light tan egg. I am assuming its a mix of some sort, since California Whites lay white eggs.

    What I am curious about though is, I bought a bantam hen with 11 chicks at the auction and 6 of the chicks look just like the one above, but are tiny bantam sized. 2 are all white, 1 is buff colored, 1 is light chipmunk and 1 is dark chipmunk colored.

    I am not experienced at all with bantam breeds. The mom looks like a Black Breasted Red OEG, so I am guessing the two chipmunk ones will look like her. The buff and whites should be self explanitory, right? But any clue what the white with black spotted ones will look like?

    Thanks for any help!! I will try to get pics of them as soon as I can find some batteries. I'm sure the kids have some toy laying around I can swipe them from [​IMG]
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