Bantam Chick...Mareks??

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Botsford Family

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6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Okay so I posted a couple of days ago that I had a woobly chick who was so unbalanced and the more I read about it I think that she might have Mareks or Rickets but I have no clue..the chick is only about 3 weeks old...

She is much better than she was, she has put on some more weight and has started to walk around a little bit. But it looks like she is walking around on her tippy toes and still falls over and loses balance very easily.

I have been giving her some eletrolytes and probotics and it seems that we are at a stand still again...It almost looks like she has weak leg joints to because sometimes it looks like the are bending the other way, and when she does stand up her legs are just placed awkwardly. She still sleeps A LOT!! It's been a week now.

Here in CT there is not a lot of places that I can go get certain chicken vitamins and whatnot and I am at a lose of what to do.

any one else have the same thing or something simliar??? and if it is Mareks....WHAT DO I DO????

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