Bantam chicks with big chicks?


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I picked up 6 chicks from Tractor Supply on Saturday. I got (I hope) 2 tetra tints, 2 golden comets, and 2 assorted bantam chicks. Can I raise the bantam chicks with the others safely? The little bantams are one-third the size of the other chicks. So far, they are all doing okay. And can the bantams be housed with the other chickens when they get older?

I have 2 six year old chickens left from my last batch of chicks - 1 beautiful white rock and an Easter egger. Still get an egg or two occasionally. Eventually I plan on putting them all together in my coop. I can't free range them because there are several hawks around. The hawks sit on top of a swing and watch the chickens in the coop.
Of course you can. In fact, it will be easier for them since they are being raised WITH the other chicks. I bought some bantams at TSC and hatched ONE lone LF due to power outage at the end of my incubation cycle and she is doing just fine with the bantams. They all have their own pecking order and the LF is about mid-way down the list.

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