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  1. wantbantams

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    Apr 14, 2012
    At what age can you tell the sex of a bantam? Also, I am getting a straight run and what do I do with the roos if I have too many? How many should I have per hen? Help please...

  2. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    most people have a min of 3 hens per roo for a breeding trio. me i use 6 hens per roo (way better than a trio)...depending on the breed most likly 6+ weeks. now if they are d'uccle then 3.5 weeks

    1 roo = 6 hens
    2 roos = 12 hens

    i currently have to many roos but i am also still expanding my flock and will keep my roos until i'm done so i can choose the best roo.
    right now my ration is 3 roos to 5 pullets, although one breeding pen is a trio of silkie/d'uccle mixes so if i were to take those 3 out i have 2 roos with 3 pullets which i do NOT recommend at all the roosters may fight over the hens or one hen my be the main target of the roos (matting wise)

    with extra roos you can either sale them or eat them
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