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    I've had enough of chickens being wiped out again and again. There are too many predators here to keep chickens alive even with trapping and shooting. Until I have the means to build fort knox of a chicken pen I am no longer keeping chickens.

    These guys are mutts but they are very nice chickens. I hate to see them go but if I keep them they will only get killed too. They are very hardy toward both heat and cold. The hens nearly always make good mothers and all of them have been great broody hens. I only had one that would kill chicks after they hatched.

    I've gotten several 100% hatches from these guys. The last batch hatched from eggs that were left to sit all day after the hens were killed and then several exploded in the incubator. I had no idea when they were all due so I just left the turner plugged in, put water in when I remembered, and removed rotten eggs when they exploded. So far about a dozen have hatched with 5 eggs left.

    The hens lay more eggs than I know what to do with. Aside from the occasional hard molt or really cold months in winter I collected daily about 1 or 2 eggs short of the number of laying age hens. I had anywhere from 8 to 3 dozen at a time in the past couple years. I've given away 100s if not 1000s of eggs. Most also lay absolutely perfect sky blue eggs with a few laying slightly green tinted eggs and the chicks are a wide range of colors. Creams, stripes, spots, grey/blue, white, buff......

    I have around a dozen chicks that I want $5 each for and 2 adult hens (a creamy tan and a white) for $10 each. I know the cream hen hatched last fall but I'm unsure of the white hens age since I had 3 of them that I couldn't tell apart which all hatched different years. I will sell the whole flock together for $50. I really want someone to continue these lines even if they are mutts. I really do hate to lose them since I will probably never see chickens like them again.

    Located a little south east of Iowa city. Will not ship but may meet someone up to a couple hours away depending how many you plan to buy.


    All chickens in pictures here except the serama roos are potential parents of these chicks: coop/
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    I'm very interested! [​IMG] I sent you an email, *Jan

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