Bantam egg cartons?


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Aug 27, 2010
Not sure where exactly to post this question, but does anyone make bantam egg cartons? I've seen quail egg cartons, but those are too small for bantam eggs, right?
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I called 7 places today, and e-mailed another 2. Nobody that I talked with has bantam-sized egg cartons. There are boxes for collecting or shipping eggs (including cutler, fleming and, but nothing for those of us who'd like to sell the eggs.

My quail egg cartons won't work. Bantam eggs are larger than a quail egg and smaller than a small chicken egg.

I guess I could use regular egg cartons but my bantam eggs kinda roll around in there. I would like the eggs to fit snugly to minimize the possibility of breakage.

Anybody else have any ideas?
Go to . They make a bantam carton about 27 dollars for 25 ,free shipping .I ordered some and they work for bantam eggs, good luck :)
Hello to those on this thread. I know it has been a while since anyone posted on it but I wanted to let those interested know that I have recently set up a website selling Bantam size egg boxes in the UK. I designed them myself and had them manufactured as I got fed up of my little eggs looking out of sorts in standard egg boxes!! Please take a look at my site I hope you all like it and of course any orders would be more than welcomed :)

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