Bantam hen laying on bad eggs. What do I do?


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6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Our poor little girl has been laying on a nest of 6 bad eggs for almost 3 weeks now. We just realized they were bad yesterday. Our flock is free range and she has made her home in the upstairs part of our garage. She comes down every morning to eat and joins the flock for a little while, but they are starting to be mean to her and she seems to be uneasy.
We do have a coop that I can relocate her to if I remove the eggs. Is this the best action?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Are you certain that the eggs are bad? If so, I would remove them, eliminate her nest site, and put her in the separate coop for a couple of days to break her broodiness.
I am pretty sure. We held a light to them when it was dark and it showed only black mush. She is the only bantam hen we have and our bantam rooster has not figured out the "fertilizing" method yet. I am almost positive the our rooster never got to her bc he has his favorites.
it is always a good idea to remove bad eggs if you're sure they are bad. bad eggs can explode and that smell takes forever to go away.

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