bantam Hens


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11 Years
Dec 7, 2009
Hesperia, CA
I have 1 bantam D'Uccle Roo, who has been out grown and out hormoned by two EE roos. He is in his own pen away from the bullies, but I am looking for a couple of girls to join him. Size matters! I have an RIR hen in with him for company, but I think he would be happier with a girl his own size. Sacramento area, Older hen is fine, she doesn't need to be a looker, just good company. I will pick up, and pay a reasonable fee.
too bad you live in California. I have two Dark Cornish Bantam Hens they are still young almost three months old and arent going to get any bigger than they are... They are pretty girls too. I have them posted on Simple Breeds if you want to have a look...

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