Bantam lays abnormal eggs

Jul 20, 2020
Hey everyone! I'm in need of some advice. So, lets start at the beginning, I have had silver laced bantam wyandottes for a couple years now. I started with a pair, then later in the year i bought 8 more pairs. I kept back one male from the 4 i bought, then i sold the rest to friends and family. I later sold a couple hens before breeding season, I then had a nice group of them to breed off. I raised a nice group that i was so very proud of, I picked and chose what i wanted to keep. I ended up with 2 hens from the 8 i bought, then 2 pullets i raised, plus a rooster from the 8 and a cockerel i raised. That was last year (2019). I wasn't getting fertility off the cockerel, and the group I had with my big male had fertility but the eggs would die a few days in or close to hatching. I was not sure what was wrong with them, their coop was right beside my whites and the whites raised 30! I tried and tried the silver laced but finally on my last hatch I had one egg of 2 pip, the chick was healthy and great. The chick ended up passing away. I did not raise any silver laced last year. We know have our first eggs this year in the incubator, they have been in there for about 4 days. I have 2 hens that i raised one female out of the 8 and a male out of the 8, that's my breeding group for silver laced. My eldest female is 3, she was pretty rough all year but starting to come around now, I have another hen that is an okay bird and layed a couple eggs that are in the incubator right now. I then have one of my favourites, a wicked silver laced hen who is the real eye catcher. She has never laid a normal egg though, all of her eggs till today have been golf ball round and small, the eggs never hatch. Today i went out to make a late night check and to shut off the lights, I found her egg bound. Shes been egg bound a few times considering its always a round egg, tonight was different though. I helped her pass the egg, it was cracked inside of her, and they eggshell was soft. I don't know what to do to help her lay normal eggs. I have changed her feed and everything else i can think of. If anyone knows what to do to help her id love the advice. Stay safe! Love you all!
I am feeding a mix of chick starter, layers ration, sunflower seeds, grit, oyster shell, cat food. Then vitamins in her water
What is final protein and calcium percentage?
What kind of 'vitamins'(details)?
I'd back off the sunflower seeds(BOSS?) and the cat food.
@ChickenCanoe is good at breeding and nutrition, maybe they can help out here.

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