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Bantam RIR egg shell color and resulting chicks

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by snowydiamonds, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Do they have dark egg shells like the LF RIR's? Mine don't, they are almost a white color shell and the chicks hatch out black. I've had the trio at my X DH's and his DW's long enough now that if they'd been mated by other than the roo, it should only be his offspring now. I was in OR in July to finally meet the trio in person and recently my X DH's DW sent me eggs from "our" bantam RIR trio to hatch. We are wondering what color chicks I will end up with since all hers have hatched out as black chicks. She called today to see if any had hatched yet but none yet. We are not upset about it as we are all three very happy with the roo and the two hens. Its our (all three of us in this joint venture) first time w/bantam RIR's.

  2. pinguin

    pinguin In the Brooder

    Jan 4, 2009
    SW IL
    All of my bantam RIRs lay buff to medium brown eggs. Chicks are reddish brown, with lighter patches, not black. My girls have hatched out 5 clutches this year; all of the chicks have looked the same.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is an "LF" RIR?

  3. I have some beautiful bantams they are a mahogany color both the hen and the rooster have green colored tail feathers. The rooster's tail is longer.

    If you go to my blog you can see pictures of them


    Mine are the same color as pinguin's chickens.
  4. LF is Large Fowl, standard sized RIR's.

    Our trio is a beautiful deep red, too, but so far, not a one of their chicks is...which I would think the hens may have been mated by another roo and sooner or later since the banty RIR is now and has been the only roo to mate them, we'd be getting red chicks. I thought it would have been by now.

    The black chicks are nice, so they are now part of the family but may be separated in the future as "we" discovered while I was there, that out of the Barred Rock banty chicks they'd gotten at the same time as the RIR trio, there was a young cockerel who decided to wait for my visit to crow:)

    At first "our" DH (my X) said that cockerel would have to go and us women were determined I was taking him with me on the airline back to Alaska but the airlines wouldn't allow us to do so...now the cockerel is staying:) You know who relented;) LOL

    I told them if the RIR banty eggs they sent me don't hatch out then next summer we could try the Barred Rock banty eggs as I wouldn't mind those but it'd be too late in the season to resend the banty RIR eggs again. Not giving up on the eggs yet though, I won't toss them until the middle of this month. She thought they'd hatch any day since their weather has been so much warmer and she left them under the hens until she had enough to send. I didn't tell them I don't think it will work that way...

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