Bantam roo chicks rock.


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
A month ago I picked up our 5 Silver Sebrights as well as 5 White Leghorns. The SS were perhaps a week or two old at the time and they are pretty much fully feathered out now. I had posted the other day about the SS roos starting to crow. Last night as I was working on our lawn tractor my sister in law stopped by to visit. As I was working we heard one of the roos up in the garage crow a bit. She heard it but didn't want to go and see it so we turned off the radio that I had playing to see if they would crow again. After a couple more pitiful little attempts at crowing she decided that she had to see him.

My mother in law had drifted over (they both live on either side of us) to see what was up and I opened the door to the upstairs of the garage. We found the smaller roo (known as Laru now) perched on the chicken wire fence oblivious to his audience out the back door. Several times he craned his neck out and gave his best attempt at a crow. It was so adorable.

I'm going to get a video the next time that he does it and post it for others to see.

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