Bantam rooster keeping his head pulled in, bad droppings, sleepy!

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    Oct 10, 2007
    One of my best bantam roosters (about 4 yrs old I think) did not come out to eat this morning! I checked in their house and he was asleep on the top roost with his head pulled in and his chest sticking out. I moved the house away from the run so I could get to him easier, and he jumped up and took off. He is a very wild rooster, and the fact that I was finally able to catch him at all proves he is not going 100%! During the time he was runing, he stopped to dance around a hen, then stopped again to fight a cockerel, and also crowed twice... so I think those are all signs he is not terribly sick! Then I caught him, and put him in a dog crate, and almost intsantly he resumed his head pulled in, chest out, eyes closed, stance! I did get to see one of his droppings and it was brown with a bit of white and green and...loose.
    What is wrong?! [​IMG]

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    Hmmmm, having the same problem, I'm not sure but I mixed some Duramycin in his water. Didn't know what else to do. Good luck with yours

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