Bantam Run Height???

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    I currently have 6 Easter Egger bantams, 5 Dominique Bantams, and 4 Buff Orpington Bantams that are 2 1/2 weeks. I am starting their coop and run this weekend. Here's my plan:

    My coop will be a repurposed 8 x 10 shed. No issues there. I am attaching a rum that will be over 500 sq ft. On two sides there is 7 ft privacy fence. I plan on the other two sides being 6 ft high. With the size run I have and the breeds I'm keeping do I need to have a top to keep the chickens in. I understand the risks associated as far as predators but I am in town and predators aren't very prevalent in my neighborhood. Do I need to clip wings or will it not be necessary?
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    Most of my bantams can fly 6-7' if they want to. The EE and Doms almost certainly will be capable. They may not necessarily get out all the time but if they wanted to, chances are they could. With clipped wings they would be unable to, but I really don't recommend clipping wings unless you're in an extremely suburban or urban area.

    You don't know you have predators until you have chickens. I personally can say that I've found covering the run to make a huge difference. I've lost 0 birds from my many covered runs in the past 2 years and about 30-40 from my uncovered run.

    If you have the ability to cover the run I'd recommend doing so. If you are concerned about budget issues or don't have the time to do it, you might be able to get away with it; but your birds will be safer if you can.
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    Any kind of netting will work to keep hawks out during the daytime, and that really helps. Bantams are easy targets!!! A totally secure run is trickier (MORE expensive). Netting will also keep your birds where you want them, not at the neighbor's. Mary

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