Bantam singing song since early am; could she need help?


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Oct 30, 2011
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Got my very first egg yesterday!
:celebrate I was so eggcited but couldn't upload photos because of @#$%^@ camera software. Today DH and I cleaned out coop and run and put new hay down. Little red bantam - Lucille - promptly began making "nests" in all 3 nesting boxes, all 4 corners of the coop and various points in between. She has been singing since before 9am and runs as fast as her little short legs will take her back to the coop. She will stay in the coop for 20 minutes or more each time. It is now after 2:30pm and this behavior persists. In between trips to the coop she eats, scratches, poops and does all things chicken - doesn't appear to be in distress (unlike me) and is free ranging with the other girls when she comes out. I grew up on a farm and took for granted that hens lay eggs; Mom and Dad handled any problems, but these are my pets (only have 5) and I am much more aware of changes in behavior, etc. Lucille is not one of the ones who always sits on my lap, but does so on occassion and just for short periods. She has today, however, run toward me several times like she wants me to do something but I can't figure out what. I'm eggsasperated and I think she is beginning to tire out. I'm worn out just watching her run to and from the coop cause their favorite place to scratch and bathe is on the opposite side of the yard from the coop. Am I right in assuming that if she were in distress that she wouldn't be eating, etc? The other girls are just ignoring her eggcentric behavior - should I intervene in some way or just let nature take its course? She is just so little, but is about 6 1/2 months old.
Maybe you cleaned out her favorite spot, and she is upset she needs to make another one as perfect as the last one?
I'm sure she is ok, just keep an eye on her.
After singing all day long with both extended and repeated visits to the coop, Lucille (the little red bantam) produced her very first egg.
:ya:ya She must have built no less than 20 "nests" including one in each of the nesting boxes but chose to lay it on the floor of the coop.
I was just going to post that my Lucille does the same thing, she just started laying last week but she did exactly what you posted all day and didn't lay the egg until the next day. Poor girls that's a long labor

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