Bantams and their eggs

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    I am running a small business selling fertile chicken eggs and chicks. Since I only sell them by the order, I don't spend money on feeding chicks because I sell them within a day or two of hatching. So my only expenses come from feeding the adults. Since bantams are much smaller, they need less food. So if I could get some bantams that lay almost as well as my standard chickens, I will cut out well over half of the flock's expenses and make more profit. The bantams would also need to lay at least a little bit in very hot or cold temperatures; my area reaches 100 Fahrenheit in the summer and well below freezing in winter. Do you know of any breeds that would fit these needs? I've seen few that look promising. First is the leghorn. I have four standard ones, and they are amazing layers, and withstand temperatures well. Easter eggers are also said to be good bantams, because of their prized eggs their bantam breed was bred to be good layers, apparently. And the third is the Sussex bantam, which doesn't lay quite as well as the other two but has great temperature hardiness. Would you recommend any of these? Or are there others that would also work?
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    Location would have a effect on how many of those bantams you would sell----You would sell very little here in my location----everyone here wants working chickens---not fancy or bantams.

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