Banty Hen Acting Drunk

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    My 2 year old (ish) Banty Hen is acting drunk, she wobbles around and is not eating or drinking on her own. I can coax her to gobble down a chopped up grape (or two). The last three days she has only eaten two grapes per day. Which is very unusual, she is typically a heavy eater. No swollen crop, I've moved her inside and she poops maybe once per day. I've attached a photo. Any thought???[​IMG]

    She is progressively getting worse, she was able to groom herself on Monday and this morning she was not able to take a step without falling over. Her pupils are also looking strange, the get big then get small even if there is no change in light. She just stares off and her pupils dilate then shrink back. It's all very strange.
    Should I give her antibiotics??

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    Some things to think about are blackhead or E.coli infection from the yellow foamy poops. Is this her typical dropping? Coccidiosis can be a possibility if she has been exposed to a new strain through a newer chicken or by someone tracking it in (or if she is new.) Mareks disease is another possibility. I would worm her immediately with Safeguard liquid goat wormer 50 mg per each 2.2 lb for 3 days in a row. Put electrolytes and vitamins in her water, and try wetting some chicken feed with it. Eggs or a faverite protein food would be good.
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    Has she taken a blow to the head? Do you have any hallucinogenic plants growing in your yard, i.e. datura or oleander? Have you dewormed her lately? Have you checked her for mites? Have you palpated her abdomen? The poop looks somewhat wormy. Go for the fenbendazole instead of the Wazine. Stop feeding her grapes and try feeding her boiled egg. I think grapes can be toxic, not sure though.

    Also, think about tube feeding. Look at the bottom of my sig for instructions.
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    Hmm... One of my chickens acted somewhat like this when she had a stroke. she seemed almost paralyzed down her left side; her wing hung lower, and her leg didn't seem stable enough to walk on. perhaps a stroke?

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    Can't rule out the possiblity of mareks either or some kind of meningitis. The truth is, without lab tests or a visit to a vet, there are a lot of things that could be causing those symptoms. If you can't take her to a vet, you can do some things to rule out certain causes (i.e. deworming with a broad spectrum dewormer, tube feeding and adding poly vi sol etc.)
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    I like the name of that link[​IMG]

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