Banty Hen with broken toe

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    Sep 15, 2009
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    I have a 1 year old banty hen that somehow broke one toe on her left foot about 2 weeks ago.
    The toe is hanging off at about a 45 degree angle to where it should be, and has a black ring at the point of injury.
    She puts it down lightly once in a while while moving about, but mostly hops about (or flies, not clipped wings) on one foot.
    I was wondering if I might have to put her down, but she appears to be getting along ok and seems to be managing...
    I am wondering if it might be best if I clip the broken toe off and wrap it up until it heals..?
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    Feb 12, 2009
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    You could try to wrap it but if it happened 2 weeks ago.....I don't know.
    Place a piece of bandaid down (sticky side up) and place the foot on it, placing the toes as they should be.
    This may not be comfortable for the chick until you get it stuck down, just be very gentle.
    Place another piece of bandaid on top of the foot and stick the bandaid together in between the toes. Cut off excess bandaid from the sides but not from between the toes.
    You can use medical tape too if you have it.
    Change the bandaid/tape only when absolutely nec. (wet, poopy). When you remove it soak it in water or rub oil on it to help remove it more gently. You may want to isolate the chick with another in a smaller space to keep it quiet for awhile. Hope that helps.

    Oh and welcome!!!
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    My Welsummer hen broke her toe getting hung up on the corner of the rabbit cage inside of the coop. It swelled and now she got a big bump on it and it turned outward and it did not seem to bother her. So I left it alone.

    Splint it and wrap up with Vetrap and change it every two to three days. If it gets wet, change it.

    She will be fine after a month of healing up.

    Sounds like broken toes are common in our clumsy birds! [​IMG]

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