bare back and bleeding

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9 Years
May 3, 2010
I just went out to lock thw kids up for the night and found one of my 1 1/2 year old white leg horn in the spare small run that has no enclosure. I gave her feed and water for the night. her back has blood on it but not bleeding at this time that I can see, The question I have is will she be ok with the temp tonight. it has been getting into the high 40's but again she is in a out door run with no one for body heat. will she be ok by her self? Just to let everyone know what happen. we have 11 knew roosters that are now driving my girls crazy ( about 45 girls) we will be getting rite of some of the roosters this Sunday. I'm planning on keeping my hurt girl seperate for a few days if evertone thinks she sill be ok at night by herself please advice
Try to catch her and see if one of the roosters has torn her side with his spurs or toenails. Frequently when too many roosters are trying to breed a hen at the same time the hen gets physically injured. Rips along their sides caused by roosters spurs or toenails can become infected or maggot infested. Just one more reason why so many roosters is a bad idea. Great that you are getting rid of some. 2 or 3 rosters for a flock that size would be plenty. I don't think the temps will be a problem. Is she protected from predators? With a white chicken, I especially worry about Great Horned owls.
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