bare behinds and feather picking

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    I have 5 chickens. I did have 8. But, 3 died from breaking their necks. By flying in the coop. To the top of the coop and hitting the top. When I found them. Nothing seemed wrong with them. The 3 that died had picked on the others. By feather picking. The 5 I have now are fine together. Except they have No feathewrs in their butt. One has almost no tail feathers. What I have seen lately is NO feather picking. I'm afraid the 3 that died were the trouble makers of the flock. My questions are. Could the ones that picked on the others. Could they have pulled out the shaft of their feathers? The feathers have not grown back. I tried feather fixer. Should I up their protein to see if feathers do appear?. With their bare behinds. Should I be concerned this winter of frostbite in that area of no feathers?.
    Iread to feed them yogurt. Plain? Any ideas would help. I have no problem with egg laying and bare behinds. I get 4 to 5 eggs daily
    Thank you for your ideas. These are not free range chickens as I have a Basset hound and a very friendly hawk who frequents our farm
  2. Birds do not drink milk....The yogurt thing is of no purpose to a chicken...Probiotics is the health benefit for good gut health..

    Sounds like your having a hard time?

    Feed could be your problem.?.Chickens need proper nutrition to grow and produce eggs..Water is the most important thing for Chickens...Pecking could be nutritional or lack of proper housing ..Meaning room, roosts and not feeling scared or confined...
    Chickens can not handle stress very well at all ......

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    How old are your birds?
    How big is your feet by feet?
    What and how exactly are you feeding?

    Picked feathers, if just broken off, won't grow back until the bird molts.
    If feather is totally plucked out, follicle and all, it will grow back very soon.

    Chicken can eat dairy products,
    many multiple species farms give chickens left over milk.
    But first.... assess their regular chicken feed,
    read the label that tells the protein percentage sewn into the bottom of every feed bag.
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