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    I have a couple of hens that have a bare line right in front of their tails on their backs, if that makes any sense, and I do have a rooster (he can be a bit frisky [​IMG]) so I thought well maybe it's from that. I decided I was going to make saddles for them but I hadn't quite got around to it. Today I saw one of my higher-up-in-the-pecking-order hen or so it seams kinda peck at another and it was in that area. No, i have never seen them pull out feathers EVER. My rooster on the other hand when he first became mature and was mating with them he would pull out feathers left and right trying to catch them. BUT there are no feathers in the run or coop.

    I don't know if this is because its winter or what. I haven't paid attention to see when the feathers started to dissappear. I've been caught up in the whole winter thing. Anyway, if I put a saddle on the ones that have a bare line will that stop the feather picking IF thats the problem? (I do seriously doubt it's the feathers but never can be too careful.) Like would some Blue Coat applied and a saddle be a good idea? ANY opinion as to what it is and what to do for it woudld be appreciated.

    Oh and also I do provide egg shelll for them all the time. Sorry for the rambling but want to make sure to get everything in there.[​IMG]

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    Hi there! Several of us are going through this very thing at the moment... you might want to do a search on this topic and read some of the posts. If you have ruled out parasites (lice) it is most likely either the roo or pecking, but either way, yes, the saddles will help. I also clean the area and apply Blue Cote to be on the safe side. If you don't cover the spots or at least apply the Blue Cote, the other hens are more likely to continue bothering the area and this can lead to all sorts of issues. You might want to check the protein levels in the grain you are using... low protein can supposedly cause the pecking. CHICKENS!! If it isn't one thing, its another! [​IMG] Thank goodness for those yummy eggs! [​IMG]

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